Summer Camps & Workshops | Enrollment begins Feb 2017

Check back soon for registration information.

9:00 AM Check-in. All Campers meet for morning announcements, ice breakers, and team-building activities.
9:30 AM Split into course groups and let the tech fun begin! Breaks are taken at the discretion of each instructor. Younger students will take more frequent breaks.
11:30 AM Lunch time. Students are required to bring their own bag lunch. Snacks and water will be available throughout the day.
12:30 PM Back to labs!
1:30 PM A game of Ultimate Frisbee, anyone? Capture the flag? Gaming tournaments? Board games? Optional sports? We offer many summer camp activities that vary by week and location. Beyond STEM skill development, students will socialize, make friends, and have fun.
2:00 PM Return to the labs. Let's create!
3:00 PM Return to the labs. Let's create!
4:00 PM Time to Go! We'll see you again tomorrow!

Why STEM is important

Thinking is Good for the Growing Brain
Nurture the Next Generation of Creators and Innovators
Empower Students to Change the World
Prepare Students for Future Endeavors
Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork

This summer we are offering workshops through the after-school programs.