KidsKode Adventures | After School Program

Let’s EMPOWER our children to be proactive PROBLEM-SOLVERS and INNOVATORS capable of changing the world.

What is STEAMbuilding?

STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM education incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts. Our programs also emphasis the importance of building strong relationships through collaboration and teamwork.

How much does it cost?

The club tuition varies by school. Find your school club

Motivate Students

We motivate students to think creatively, collaborate effectively, and get excited about STEM/STEAM subjects.

Who runs the STEAMbuilding Club?

The STEAMbuilding After School Club is designed and supervised by educators with both experience and passion for teaching STEM related concepts and principles. Better yet, we understand the importance of ENGAGING kids in learning and enabling them to not only master skills but further pursue knowledge and careers in STEM related fields.

Natural Born Inventors

Children are natural-born scientists and engineers. We strive to make each learning experience relevant, fun and engaging for each student and to cultivate each child’s natural gift for exploration and experimentation. The STEAMbuilding club will spark an eagerness to learn that can help them move ahead and excel in STEM fields.

This summer we are offering workshops through the after-school programs.

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